Sharing Medicines from Doctors with Others

Have you ever shared medicines with your family or friends? For example, when your sister catches a cold, then you automatically remember about medicines you have—some prescriptions you got from a doctor to be precise—which successfully cured your cold some time ago.

Having faith in the efficacy of the medicines and expecting that they have the same effect for anyone, you simply give them to your sick sister. However, sharing medicines without doctors’ particular prescription for every individual shouldn’t be done.

Frankly, there are a lot of people doing that. A study showed that one of ten Americans had taken medicines out of doctors’ prescription. There is also this latest statistic stating that a survey includes responses from 6.438 people, saying that they choose to move from some medicines to one another.  They reason out that it’s just to lighten some general diseases such as stress, sleeping disorder, anxiety, and so on.

Risk-sharing Medicines

As distributed from Women’s Health on Sunday, September 1st 2013, people presumed they got no problem for consuming some “random” medicines because they thought that it spent less time and money to ask for a friend to keep the medicines instead of arranging a meeting with a doctor which could turn out to waste their time. Seeing that the diseases or the symptoms they have were on the same page as their friends’—whose medicines were asked to keep—they inferred that they would also get better soon anyway.

Apparently, it is not that simple. According to Compton, sharing medicines so freely like that will either lead to some unexpected compilations or even a bad interaction between the medicines and some things consumed in the previous time. Medicines are not like a kid’s stuff, after all. We can never be sure if a safe remedy for someone will also give the same safe effect to us.

We should be more careful when it comes to deal with medicines. Truth to be told, we don’t always have to depend on medicines every time we get sick. If it’s not actually that bad, we’d better take a rest and eat nutritious foods regularly. We should just go to doctors or pharmacists if we begin to feel like the symptoms overwhelming us need to be cured by medicines.