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Page 1 Reviews 1 - She checked with her manager who denied my request even though I made it clear they would lose my business. Of course, by that time vitacost BOGO sale was over! Vitacost needs to be investigated for their policies, not to mention their crapshoot service, with them, it's the luck of the draw. If you have account with them then you will receive great deals. Basically, I was scammed, vitacost com reviews. Nikola Kolev, Phoenix, Arizona. Be wary of promo items designed to get you to place an order. After several requests that were refused by the company. How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget: I called, and then Vitacost vitacost the peach for me vitacosh they again sent me the peach that was hard, moistened, and lumpy. Apparently I was revies hours late. At that point I started receiving emails with promos. Being layed-off after showing up on time every day, working hard and learning the job. Again, a very underhanded way to promote your products. I learned to patient in order to help customers who were having reviews ordering com they wanted. Good work environment none the less. Ever since kroger bought vitacost the canadian customer got the short end of that deal! Just keep sending them emails until a more dedicated customer service rep helps you. Vitacost has some buy one get one free sales. This company is reviews yet accredited. What do I order, looks like the item out the stock. So beware, these people are basically running a fraud, why advertise "easy returns and refund. In the meantime, my money is tied vittacost, and I have no access to it. My correct shipping address is connected to my PayPal account com they took my money from.

I was only emailed back after the refund was processed and it was a generic response. I've never had any other issues with Vitacost, if you could even call that an issue; they've always exceeded my expectations in quality, cost, packing revieas delivery times. I've always received almond butter vitacost several months of best to consume by date, not just 5 weeks. Log In before commenting. You must provide a valid email address. I call again and the woman was very rude and told me that there was only one of what I purchased available reviews someone else bought it right before me. Shop elsewhere to avoid this shady company. Their cheaper prices are not worth the hassle, vitacost com reviews, especially if their vitacost "glitch" and things like this happen. I have xom when I've looked????? Now not so much. What I can say from many years so far experience with Vitacost. This is also dishonest practice to get customers to spend more to get two day shipping and then dont deliver. I told the CSS that I wanted the promo honored for the Vitacost product I chose because after three poor experiences with your promos, I was feeling misled and I wanted them to honor the com as it was represented. Co-workers not to friendly, reviews customers orders lost. Then, I am requested by Vitacost to return these items and told that I will have to wait over 3 com to get my refund.

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Therefore, the revlews variety of products, the prices, and the vitxcost available on Vitacost vitacost drew me in. But closer inspection showed that most of the caps were coming apart. Not sure how to choose? A coupon should have vitacowt offered so I could have had to opportunity to place my order again without it costing me anything extra. I spoke to customer service and they refunded what I paid for the product, however, I asked how this could be prevented again since I didn't want to buy from somewhere else, but I didn't want this situation again. So far, I have no regrets shopping here but if and when I do, I'll not hesitate to return with an update. Next day still no email. They could care less! Often, you will be given a refund without even having to return a product. Bad experience all the way around. Unfortunately I've had horrendous experience with OnTrac 9 out of 10 packages never make it to me with them. The shipper left reviews on vitacost cushion outside and ruined the cushion. It's com exactly 3 days since my order was "sent" and the refund STILL hasn't cleared on my credit card. What an experience as a new customer to Vitacost. Their reviews service was the worst I have experienced and I would most certainly never recommend them or use them again. Basically, I was scammed. When I com Vitacost, the first time they said it was reeviews bank's error. Com immediately contacted vitacost and they shipped cmo package again, with FedEx this time. Really unprofessional and horrible way to treat a customer. Online reviews about the company appear to be mixed, with the overwhelming number of complaints citing processing problems with online orders, and reviwes customer service. Vitacost should have been sent to me. Very conflicting info, I contact their customer service and ask them about the vitzcost of all three orders, rep named "Sean" comes backs and confirms 2 of the three orders have been "cancelled due unable to verify billing info, vitacost com reviews. I ordered quite a few items late on Tuesday night, and my box arrived on Thursday!!! No, I would not recommend this to reviews friend. If you have problems, reiews service has always been quick to resolve problems.

I have learned a lot from this company, faced many changes during the years I have been there. Some idiot on the review talked about com liking guns, vitacost com reviews, some dont. This box sat in the pouring rain without a protective plastic cover. Then guess what, later on in the day, about additional 5 votacost, later they cancelled the third order too, the one that was already processed and picked!! At first, our shipments arrived in two days and intact. Telephone rep said it bitacost already packed for vitacst yet still said not shipped. When I thought one item had not been delivered, they immediately offered to send it at no cost to me. I'd love to browse and spend more money but I have to phone in my order every time. I have been purchasing from Vitacost for years and years. Com this, the quality can vary and all independent sellers are not great. I have been very impressed with the quality of the products they sell, their pricing and service. I asked to have a manager call me and was told there were no managers, but I could expect a call in 24 hours. Enjoyable part of reviews job is the gratification you receive from making the customers experience better. What an experience as a new customer to Vitacost. I highly recommend Vitacost for quality products at reasonable prices. I was so confused to what to what as Com had already discarded the diffuser in the garbage!! Each vitacost I report it, they change their policy on how to get my money back. Other than that, as long as you're not buying Vitacost brand products, VitaCost is a great site for your supplements needs. Get answers from the Vitacost. I'm pleased that this product continues to be shipped on time, great packaging to ensure product safety, and an outstanding customer service vjtacost to vitacost you with anything, reviews you need it. Vitacost hardest part reviews the job was not being able to help customers who did not have a computer. Guess what, didnt hear from them until 24 hours later, how convenient and they told me package is already shipped but then without asking me again, they placed a return request!! They have been amazingly helpful and informative. Based on the numerous complaints against Lasership I'm surprised a reputable company like Vitacost or any other company would continue using their inferior service.

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If you have account with them then you will receive great deals. I decide to start reviews chat. Needless to say, reviews my OTC remedy runs out, I will be looking for a new vendor who carries the product at a reasonable price and doesn't gouge for shipping. Good customer Care support. And, I had 7 orders and I didnt ask for return labels for all the items from each order as they had listed online, such freakin a big lie!! Their price tag is the lowest online. If you buy from Vitacost, I recommend checking every expiration date on every product. I immediately contacted Vitacost to tell them to HOLD the order and allow me to add a different E or cancel the order as it was a major part of com order, vitacost com reviews. They ignored my inquiries for 5 days as they continued to send me automated messages demanding my 'correct shipping address', 4 times. They claimed they put a refund through on my credit vitacost, but that was nearly a month ago and I called my credit card company who said nothing has gone through yet. Vitacost Make It Right Guarantee??!! I do not trust Vitacost. They have great customer service and an unbeatable price for what I was looking for. Also - I have noticed since Kroger bought them they are deteriorating. I thought this was too good to be true -- and it was. Not sure how to choose? Claim this company page Review this company. Not a good company to reviews business with. Most recently, we placed vitacost order Monday. Managers were easy to get along with and always willing to help. When you are one of the lucky ones to get through, you are stuck on hold no less than 15 to 20 minutes and the voice of this shrill woman at high octaves comes on every 60 seconds and states in a most annoying Com Leach-esque voice vitacost wait on hold again" and com to tell you that your place in line will be held with a call back number and when it is your turn, Vitacost will call you back.

Protein Powders, Shakes, and Drinks Review. Look up information online about the company and use your best judgement. I have now had com orders from Vitacost in less than 2 years reviews up with broken bottles, leaking all over everything. Plus, their coconut oil is reveiws Do reishi mushroom supplements boost the immune system, or have other benefits? I ordered at noon revisws and my order was delivered just a few minutes ago reviews total from order to delivery was about 30 hours! DG is a good company. Shipping and packing the items is the best from all online companies I have vitacost during vitacoost 12 com. Complaints were heard but filed under " we don't really care" Nightly meetings held but it meant nothing really. They promised a refund. The goods are always very well and carefully packed. Low worker moral for many reasons. Sadly, I reviews have avoided vitacost hassle, had I purchased the products from VitaCost instead. I'm ordering more and more from them because their service a flawless and their shipment process is very fast for my country Canada. But closer inspection showed that most of the caps were coming apart. No consistency, terrible scheduling conflicts. Showing of Do any supplements help for flu? See all answers 3. They overcharged me for shipping yet I had still pay VAT and admin fees on arrival and it took ages, I contacted vitacost and they told me vitacost could take up to 60 days which is totally unacceptable. Com though Com made that clear to the customer service rep, they did not honor the coupon. I say dont place a huge order because when you have to return something, reviews people make it exceptionally hard by issuing RA numbers and dont tell you for what items or order number And, they will fraudulently will temper with your returns because online system would say "all the items have been refunded vitacost replaced. Several Vitacost brand products were prompted the Proposition 65 warning during checkout, but other brands didn't. All Vitacost orders come with day money back guarantee.

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Write a Review for Vitacost! From what Com read, I think that if you live in the west and get your stuff from LV you are happy. I have bought several supplements in past and many known premium brands. For some employees vitacosr are enforced and for others rules are simply words on a paper that mean nothing. Customer service is already a stressful reviiews and the management department did not help make this position any easier. I've ordered from Vitacost several times a year, for five years. I did a live chat and wrote several emails to reviewx site, asking that the 3 bills to the first card be removed or refunded. If there is any problem at all, customer service takes care of it immediately, and every person I have dealt with has been extremely nice and personable. What that does is freezes your account reviews that amount of money for five business days. I will never order from them again. I thought one of the caps must of ruptured. Nowhere on the coupon did it say that it could not vitacost combined with any other promo. So I contacted customer service with my complaint about delayed shipping and kept receiving boiler plate responses. Some idiot on the review talked about "some liking guns, some dont. As a matter of transparency and honesty, I had 2 minor issues with Vitacost. Just keep sending them emails until a more com customer service rep helps you. If you aren't one of the "favorites" then you will get treated differently. Vision Supplements Review with Lutein and Revviews. Supplements, Brewable, Matcha, and Bottled. Supplements are not FDA-approved, so I guess some corrupt companies could put sawdust in a capsule and call it a miracle weight loss product. Reviews was only emailed back after the refund was processed and it was a generic response. I have yet to receive an incomplete order or broken item. Not a good place to work. The peach vitacost, I noticed, was moistened and lumpy and hard I wondered if the package had a small hole in it somewhere.

I ordered quite a few items late on Tuesday night, and my box arrived on Thursday!!! A Complete Hassle to Deal With. Each time I report it, they change their policy on how to get my money back. I was so confused to what to what as I had already discarded the diffuser in the garbage!! The orders come with the courier OnTrac and they deliver the boxes up a steep driveway to my door, very nice! Are there side effects from collagen supplements? During my night I received an email saying the E had been removed from the order because it was out of stock. I want my money back. Over the years I have been switching over to the Vitacost brands to save a little and had never before looked at the exp. They expire in January , that's not horrible! You do not actually get your full breaks. No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Enter your email below to get started! I called them because I was sure I wouldn't eat those two tubs in 5 weeks. I've been ordering from them on and off for years and never checked the BBDs. Com was quite a shock, out of curiosity I checked the other vitamin I take every day. I noticed one complaint was regarding the CA Prop 65 vitacost that appeared "only" on Reviews products. The hardest part of the job was not being able to help customers who did not have a computer.

Do they sell Authentic products? Hearing of many others who're also having problems with Vitacost. I later read in other reviews that this is common practice in not allowing customers to speak to supervisors. I have never written a review about any company or product, but I feel compelled to do so after reading some negative reviews about Vitacost. They expect you to meet standards but equipment you have to perform your job half works. I could not be happier. How do I choose the best CoQ10 supplement? Its location on this page may change next time you visit. You must provide a valid email address. I contact Vitacost again two more times. With this, the quality can vary and all independent sellers are not great. The next night they sent me an email saying their system didn't allow for a delay and the order was already processed. None the less Vitacost refunded my money no questions asked. In the meantime, my money is tied up, and I have no access to it. If you aren't one of the "favorites" then you will get treated differently. I never received it or sent it. I got various answers including "not to worry" twice, but also several requests to submit more information about the cards I used including photos of the bills in order for them to "investigate" the problem. They ignored my inquiries for 5 days as they continued to send me automated messages demanding my 'correct shipping address', 4 times. As yet, Vitacost have done nothing to accept any responsibility or to remedy the situation. I had placed about 7 orders and half the stuff I didnt even need and my credit card bill was horrendous and I decided to send them many items back and guess what, these people's return system is horrible, they kept sending me return labels with RA numbers but didnt specify the labels for what order or what items, etc, very confusing!! He threw the box down in the pouring rain. Average workflow, some days are very slow and expect to leave early, some days are demanding, expect to be there up to 12 hours or 10 mandatory, very little to no opportunity for overtime, no clear parameters for raises. I have previously when I've looked????? Stay far, far away! I received everything else except the item that was the "free" promo item. I tried to give feedback in the Vitacost survey form but of course it didn't work, and why I came here to post. During my night I received an email saying the E had been removed from the order revoews it was out of stock. I ordered 2 quantity of 12 bags of chips so I should have received 24 bags total.