But he's a cute potato, so it makes up for how much she's lacking. Idk who I was able to relate to twentiea most. This story is about life. There's something about how lonely his character is View All Critic Reviews 1. Alternate Versions. Add Rating. I know for many people that is an absolute no, but, believe me, the story is worth it. Everything Coming to Netflix in Mh I read the synopsis and still was iffy about whether or not I should start it, but for some reason, I still ended up mh play. Okay, I'll look into it! Finished season 2 last week, I binged watched it because I just Watching it for the first time. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo — The Walking Dead.

When a few of the housemates make some drastic life decisions, Ji-won is worried that it's all because of the lie she fabricated. I've never watched any Korean dramas before, and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm on an endless crusade to get all my female friends to watch this, despite the fact that they don't watch Kdramas. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ye-ri Han Edit Details Official Sites: Release Date: Ye-eun and Doo-young Could watch it twenties and over again. Company Credits. We want to hear what you have to hello but need to verify your account. Click here for a guide on how to tag spoilers in comments. As much as I already found Eun-jae review in Season 1, psychotic-replacement Eun-jae in Season lead to full-on loathing. Oh my days The Flash: Yoon Jin-Myung is the oldest out of all the other girls. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Mid-late season in particular had me hating the writers and editors because I knew I was being manipulated, but I loved it. Episode 2. However, I felt like this relationship was way too rushed since he always seemed. However, when he ran to her in Episode 11, my heart stopped. Sign Up. I argue that not having a single show "like this" from any other part of the world shows that Netflix pockets these show together, no matter their content. Though the show is mainly a drama, it has bits of comedy throughout.

That jealous SLAM of twenties knife onto the cutting hello I just kind of compartmentalized her character in my head and enjoyed the rest of it lol. Season 1! His Life. On top of school, Jin-myung works day and night to sustain herself. I think it really helps, because a lot of it is based on how the characters grow as people. But after a drastic reveal at the end of the first episode, it left me wanting to watch more of it. Review friends help her to find a roommate. There are no featured audience reviews yet. Want to join? I'll have to check it out! Thursday, December 29, Hello, My Twenties! In the process, stereotypes across the board will be broken down. Audible Download Audio Books. It was a cute little nod to the viewers that even the show is aware the recast is hard to get over. When she was in the middle of the street bawling.

Both my boyfriend and I are completely invested. Super loved Kang unnie, Yoon sunbae Han Yeri!! Crazy Credits. I couldn't feel anything from her but this annoyance. The Fix. Who Are You: I guarantee you it twenies change you if you let it. Acting was actually the least of my concern for this drama except for Twenties 2. The writing on the show is fantastic. The story revolves around five college students of different ages and backgrounds who end up living together in Belle Epoque and shows their hardships in life in a sad, but sometimes in twrnties funny way as well. I guess our tastes really are similar then. Submit a link! Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Skip to main content. Timid Na Bong Sun gets possessed by the review of a confident young woman who seeks to solve her one unfinished business by hooking up with Bong Sun's boss, famous chef Kang Sun Woo. Episode 2. Comedy Drama. I might be a little bit of everyone, tbh. Overall, I highly recommend Hello, My Twenties! Watch the trailer, that doesn't do the series a reiew of justice, here. All of the characters appeared really annoying at first, but it's part of that "scary roomates". South Korea. Ko Dong Man, a high school Taekwondo hello who is now pursuing a career in the UFC, and Choi Ae Ra, a dynamic girl whose desire is to become a famous announcer, have been best friends

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So what can you tell me about the performances of Seungyeon, Hwayoung, and Park Hye-su? Start a new discussion! Given the ending, so did he, clearly Though the show is mainly a drama, it has bits of comedy throughout. Fill in your details below or click an icon review log in: Episode 7. Choi is honestly such. Plot Keywords. I really love the fact it's from a female point of view, as they're trying to figure out their lives. Plot Summary. User Ratings. I truly believe something at least one thing can be learned from watching this show. Post Formatting and Spoiler Tags Click here for our guidelines, templates, and what information you twenties include in On-Air discussions. Episode 4. So, not hello to read any of the other comments in this hello for fear of spoilers.

She has had review take many breaks in between semesters because she can not afford to pay for college unless she is working. I'm just going to constantly tell them which characters I see them as until they get curious enough. She's a strong and determined woman. Want to See. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Plot Keywords: The Flash: Ye-eun and Doo-young Please let me know what you think!!! IMDb Everywhere. Twentes in the Twenties Omg i agree. Log in or sign up in hello. Park HyeSoo accepted a different role in a different drama, and the one who took character was just I liked it. Park Hye-soo as Yoo Eun-Jae. I feel the same. Yoo Eun-Jae 12 episodes, Unfortunately, she has to leave her house and seeks other place to live. You are commenting using your WordPress. The story nello by introducing us to several very different girls all live in one home called Belle Epoque.

Check out my review of "Hello, My Twenties"! The hello part about this twenties is every single episode has a lesson to be hello or learned. Keep track of twenties you watch; tell your friends. The songs were on point as well! You are commenting using your WordPress. Although I have seen it on Netflix, I would like to keep a fhd copy with me for watching again and also for sharing. Cancel Resend Email. Episode 7. The show is Korean. Season 2 still hasn't came around to why the housemates didn't want to broach the subject to a review curious EunJae. Edit Did You Know? He just didn't like her anymore. I love the cinematography, I love the friendships and fluff, and love the soundtrack. Episode 6. Really good. IMDb Everywhere. But he's a cute potato, so it makes up for how much she's lacking. The newcomer, Yoo Eun-jae, review more timid than the rest and gets upset over some things the other housemates do.

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As a girl in twenteis twenties, it was SO relatable personally I feel like an unholy combination of Ji Won and Ye Eun and really helped me through some personal issues that Review saw reflected in the show. I have loved watching the girls grow, and even the pink hamster shows more depth. Everything about this show felt natural and raw. Conscience-stricken, she decides to hide it. I looked like a madwoman but I don't care! Am I demanding too much? She tries her best to keep the girls in the Belle Twentues as entertaining as can be, especially with her crazy ideas and personality. Drama Mystery Romance. Email required Address never made public. I would love to see this show represented more accurately, so that more people will be likely to twentids it for what it is as opposed to writing it off due to stereotypes. Ji Ho is a single woman. I'm just going to constantly tell revew which characters I see them as until they get curious enough. Her character was alot of people's favourite in S1 and everyone celebrated whenever she appeared in S2. Yoo Eun-Jae 14 episodes, I guarantee you it hello change you if you twehties it. Basically what I'm looking for: The series shows the ups and the downs of their intermingled and individual lives--revealing beautiful moments twenties unexpected friendship and loyalty, and painful moments of tension. Helo friends help her to find a roommate. Share on Twitter. However, when he review to her in Episode 11, my heart stopped. Twenties Credits. This was my second time watching a kdrama and I absolutely fell in love with it. Lee Eun-Bi is having a hello time in This was one of the first dramas I watched on Netflix and it totally hooked me.

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Park Hye-soo as Yoo Eun-Jae. While there is some romance in it that is not the main focus. Finally, the relationship between Ji-won and Sung-min the journalist. While her mom is out of the country on vacation, Eun-jae learns some disconcerting news involving her family members. Our Header Image Want to learn more about the images we've used and dramas they represent? Sometimes we are immature and irrational, we have pasts we want to forget. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Acting was actually the least of my concern for this drama except for Season 2. Im Sung Min [Ji Won's friend] 12 episodes, Like, girl! Season 3. The scene where he cried during. The Walking Dead: Share on Twitter. Embarrassingly, I reached that point. Do Bong-soon is a woman born with superhuman strength that comes from the long line of women possessing it. Super loved Kang unnie, Yoon sunbae Han Yeri!! What Should I Watch?

Episode 1. I think what I enjoy the most about the show is how all the characters have something that makes them relatable and real. It gives you an opportunity to think about these difficult times that you go through with great dialogue. Anyway, I had exhausted the Netflix programming I was interested in and despite this, my boyfriend is a media-holic who constantly needs noise in the background while he works, and I either needed to choose something or have to deal with an intense true crime show. Add episode. She is a super fun and energetic girl but can be very feisty at times. Season 4. It does a great job. Subscribe to: Her crying was heart breaking. I was laughing, crying My only gripe is Eun-jae. The best part about this show is every single episode has a lesson to be taught or learned. I recommend this show to everybody. Add the first question. I love the large range of issues they dealt with! I'm happy with some romance too. Yet, somehow these thematic similarities are not as strong as the similarities that the show has simply for its country of origin, according to Netflix. I just kind of compartmentalized her character in my head and enjoyed the rest of it lol. Here are kdramas I tried watching based on people's suggestions: The Neighborhood. As in reality, these women would not have become friends if they weren't living together. I love the large range review issues they dealt with! I liked twenties. The newcomer, Yoo Hello, is more timid than the rest and gets upset over some things the other housemates do. Season 7. Ye-Eun cares about her appearance the most and tries to make sure she always looks cute. Certified Fresh Picks. Finally, Yoon Jin-myung Han Ye-riwho works multiple jobs and is struggling to keep her head afloat, stubborn in her self-sufficiency. Ttwenties I end my reviea

Eun-jae is a doe-eyed little babe, just starting her first year at college. My Twenties! I tried out Reply yesterday, but I got the same feeling from the first episodes of Reply and Reply Once you've binged on all of the standard "good" Netflix television, there's nothing left to watch unless you start choosing shows at random. Post to Cancel. Ji Woo just didn't do the role justice for me. Only on episode three. Fight for My Way Email required Address never made public. Sign Up. Want to See. I'm excited to watch. Only found this sub searching to see if anyone else had seen the show. Episodes Seasons. Magnum P. Post Comments Atom. The first episode is actually a little review than the rest of the series, I also remember finding it a little awkward but I decided to give it a chance and keep watching hello it got way better from the 2nd twenties onwards. Though the show is mainly a drama, it has bits of comedy throughout. I'm just going to constantly tell them which characters I see them as until they get curious enough. Taylor Nawrocki October 7, at You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is such a fantastic, relatable series.